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is to provide the most comprehensive probate, trust, medicaid, asset protection and elder care legal help in central Ohio.

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Whether you own significant tax-deferred retirement assets, have a blended family or a child with special needs, having a will provides assurance that those you love are cared for even after you’re gone.

healthcareHealth Care Directives

From living wills to advance directives like a health care power of attorney, we can help you understand your legal options for end of life care.  


Probate isn’t inevitable--- with revocable and non-revocable trusts, we can help you maintain your privacy and protect your estate from the hassle and expense of probate court.


A probate attorney can facilitate a more efficient process, protect you and your family from liability, and provide peace of mind that only comes with a specialist’s advice.

medicaidMedicaid Protection

With a Medicaid trust, you get the care you need without having to spend down your life’s savings to qualify for benefits.

businessBusiness Succession and Protection

Business succession and financial planning are smart, strategic ways to protect your business, your partners and your loved ones from the risks that come with business ownership.

elderElder Care

Elder care attorneys can help families navigate specialized areas of the law, including matters of long term care, social security, and health care directives, so loved ones get what they need no matter where they are in the continuum of care.

guardianshipGuardianships and Conservatorships

Powerful legal tools like wills and living trusts can help protect your estate from conservatorship and provide for your dependent children in the event you are suddenly incapacitated.

real estateHoarder House and Real Estate Solutions

A hoarder’s estate can bring equal parts treasure and trauma, but with the right tools and legal professionals, loved ones can recover sentimental gems and family heirlooms from beneath the clutter, and identify items that could bring significant value to the sale of the estate.

What Can Port Legal Do For You?

We do not sell documents. We provide customized solutions for a variety of legal issues. Our firm provides expert legal services to all, including probate, estate planning, and elder care. Schedule a no-obligation, no-cost office visit to discuss your specific needs.



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I would like to thank Greg and Caitlyn at Port Legal for the professionalism and the great compassion that they showed my stepdaughter and I. They were always there to answer my calls and put me at easy. If you are seeking an attorney and who is Fair and Honest Port Legal (Greg Port), is the place to go. Thank you both so much...

- Brenda Wadhington
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Peace of Mind

Greg is a wonderful attorney. Caring and understanding. Greg is hardworking and AWESOME. He really cares about his clients. I had been trying to get a divorce for 3 years with several different attorneys. Greg took my case and I am free

- Marie Viassy
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real estate

Greg has done excellent quality work on multiple estates and trusts. Very responsive and approachable for legal needs and issues. Would highly recommend.

- Jeremy
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Hired Greg to help with my mother’s estate. He explained the process and was there through probate court. He was very informative and helpful. After the process was over, he helped with my estate planning and setting up a trust. Would recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.

- Keith
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Greg helped me understand the ins and outs of how estate planning works for me and my business. I didn't realize a will wasn't enough to avoid probate court until after speaking with him.

- Ashley
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Greg and his staff have been extremely helpful to me and my family by helping us to navigate paperwork mess that is Probate. Thank you Greg!

- Matt Adams
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Why Port Legal?

You are heading into unknown territory. You need a skilled guide who knows the terrain, who can guard you from misstep and protect you from potential hazards including predators; a rugged professional who will safely lead you along the right path to your final destination. This is not describing the needs of an expedition, but essentially the reasons you engage legal services.

Port Legal was formed to provide highly professional, valuable and skilled legal serving clients in Estate Planning, Probate and Real Estate Law. Whatever your questions or potential legal needs, please contact us by phone or email listed below. You can also make inquiry through the contact page of this website. There is never a charge for exploratory consultation and we will strive to meet with you at the earliest opportunity. Port Legal is here to Guard, Guide and Defend your concerns and interests. We look forward to serving you.


7 Things You Need to Know Before You Setup a Simple Will

Writing a will isn't always the most pleasant item on your to-do list. Many of us avoid estate planning when possible. In fact, a survey by AARP noted that 2 out of 5 Americans over 45 do not have a will.  Making a simple will doesn't have to be complicated. You could have a document ready in minutes by using an online simple will form, but do you really need one?


What is Involved in Estate Administration?

After a person passes away and the initial probate filing has been made, the case goes through what’s referred to as Estate Administration.  This generally involves identifying property of the deceased, getting control of the property, paying bills and necessary expenses, and then distributing the property to the beneficiaries.





Blog Image - Wills vs Living Trusts - Is One Really Better than the Other

How a Living Trust Can Help You Avoid Probate

Today we'd like to talk a little bit about how you can avoid probate. When a loved one dies (with or without a will) and there are assets to be distributed through family, in most instances a filing with the local Probate Court needs to be made.


What Does Your Estate Plan Need?

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